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Photography and Photoshop lessons and tutorials by Richard Wood
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EDUCATOR | Richard Wood Education | The Portrait Masters
INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER | WPPI - Las Vegas | The Portrait Masters - Pheonix Arizona | INFOCUS - New Zealand
PHOTOGRAPHIC JUDGE | Head Judge - The Portrait Masters | NZIPP Iris Awards | D-Photo Magazine | Australian Capture Magazine

Photoshop Tutorial - Creative Photography

NZIPP Gold with Distinction
Highest Scoring - Open Portrait

Creative photography | Photoshop tutorial

WPPI Creative Grand Award
WPPI Gold Distinction
WPPI First Place - Contemporary Portrait

Photoshop tutorial | Creative photography

WPPI First Place - Illustrative

Photoshop lessons | Photoshop tutorial

photoshop lessons, tutorial. Portrait Photography
Photoshop lessons, tutorial. Creative portrait photography
photoshop lessons, photoshop tutorial. composite photography
Photography lessons. Photoshop lessons
Photography lessons, photoshop Lessons, cretaive photography
Photography lessons, photoshop Lessons, cretaive photography
Photography lessons, photoshop Lessons, cretaive photography


  • Easy to install

  • Richard Wood's insider techniques at the push of a button

  • Speedily apply incredible creative techniques with ease

  • Suitable for Fine Art Portraiture & Creative Portraiture

  • Active Support Group for questions and sharing

Creative Photoshop Actions. Tutorials and lessons




Richard Wood education - photoshop and photography lessons

(Online Course)

Explore your own creativity and try Richard's techniques to open new pathways of your imagination.

The imagination series - photography and photoshop course

(Online Course)

Painterly Portraits is all about contemporary portraiture crafted in the style of the old masters. Contains both Lighting and Editing tutorials

Painterly Portraits series - photoshop an photography course


(Online Course)

Learn how to take an initial creative idea and turn it into an amazing piece of art with his masterful techniques in lighting, shooting, and post-production.

The Creative Portrait Series,photography and photoshop lessons and tutorials



  • A FREE curated pack of Royalty & Copyright free Renaissance style, landscape images from the Rijks Museum.

  • Bring an even more painterly feel to your portraits by enhancing your backgrounds.

painterly backdrops buy


  • A FREE curated pack of 50+ Royalty & Copyright free Renaissance style, landscape images from the Rijks Museum.

  • Bring an even more painterly feel to your portraits by enhancing your backgrounds.

floral stock images buy
Was $49.95 | NOW $19.98


hand painted backdrops - buy


  • Hand painted textures by Richard Wood

  • Bring a painterly depth into your plain paper backdrops

  • Dozens of textures and colours to use throughout your portrait portfolio.

  • Free Instructional Video 


  • Bring a painterly effect to your photography

  • ​Create atmosphere and effect

  • Free Instructional Video available

smoke in photoshop - lessons tutorial
Photoshop lessons and tutorials - download


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  • Captured moody skies by Richard Wood

  • 35+ Skies to choose from for your creative work

Were $15.00 | NOW $4.50
Sky stock photos - lessons and tutorials in photoshop


didital textures and photoshop tutorials - buy


  • 120+ Captured Textures by Richard Wood

  • Overlay in different layer modes to enhance and create effect in your photography

  • Active Support Group for questions and sharing

Was $35.00 | NOW $14.00


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Photoshop lessons - Kamila Gruss

"Richard has taught me things that nobody shows anywhere! His way of working on raw is amazing and allows you to get all the details you can. Since he showed it to me, it is the basis of my work on each photo."

Kamila J. Gruss | Poland

Rachel Owen - Photoshop lessons

"Richard's classes are by far the most inspirational I own.  The behind the scenes look at his work alone makes the class worth it not to mention the in-depth education you will receive. Richard's technique is unlike anything I've seen from other instructors and an invaluable tool to have in my 'creating toolbox'. "

Rachel Owen | Chicago, USA

Carrie - Photoshop lessons

"Regardless of your current setup, painterly portraits shows you how to get started right away with everything from natural light, one light setups and beyond."

Carrie Rheinberger | Australia

Sarah simmons, Photoshop lessons

This course was everything I had been searching for! I think I may possibly have purchased every painterly portraits tutorial in the world and there is nothing like Richard's. 

Sarah Simmons | New Zealand

felcia Schuette, photoshop lessons

“Learning from Richard is an honor and delight, having the privilege to get access to his classes is invaluable, - truly a world of wonders opens!”

Felicia Schuette | Caribbean, Netherlands

Lainie Marie - photoshop lessons

"I switched to shooting Child Fine Art full time!  His lighting and editing tutorials have helped tremendously..." 

Lainie Marie | Ontario, Canada

Shelley Wolfe Franlin, photoshop lessons

"When his class (Creative Portrait Series) came out I had to snap it up to see how it could help make my composites more realistic. I was drawn to the class to learn how to use textures and overlays to more seamlessly complete the composites..."

Shelley Wolfe Franklin | Arizona, USA

Cat Ford-Coates | photography lessons

"When I’m feeling overwhelmed or blocked, I always return to Richard’s Portrait Masters talk. His formula for composing in the abstract puts my mindset in a different space that allows me be open to creating more intentionally."

Cat Ford-Coates | North Carolina, USA

Kamila J Grusss | photoshop and photography lessons

"Richards tutorials are fantastic! His workshop videos are an amazing glimpse into his processes and approach. He truly takes you through all the steps you need to go through. Richard doesn’t hold back, nor fills in time with empty advice. Everything that he teaches here is meaningful and straight to the point." 

Kamila J. Gruss | Poland

Felicia Schuette | photoshop lessons an tutorials

"His love, passion and depth radiates from each and every of his remarkable masterpieces, so is his patience and sincere motivation to share and pass on knowledge through his teachings,
- giving all he has and knows."

Felicia Schuette | Caribbean, Netherlands

Paulina Gwaltney, photoshop lessons

"Your workshop allowed me to shift to my true self. I was very modest with props and creativity since I was focus on growing my business. When I saw your workshop I realized I can be as creative as I want and my clients will still buy my work."

Paulina gwaltney | Albuquerque, USA

edwardo castro, photoshop lessons and tutorials

"I had been looking at many courses and teachers online, but none of them helped me create that extra sense of magic and heightened reality that moves me so deeply when I go to the Prado and view works by the Masters. Richard’s courses were the ones that finally helped me learn how to make my photographs express the depth of emotion that I wanted them to."

Ricardo Castro | Madrid, Spain

Travis Patenaude tutorials and lessons

"Richards courses has really helped me take my portraits to a whole new level and has helped me get a nomination for PPA Grand Imaging Award for Pets Category also two Gold medals and two silver medals from Master Photography International this year. "

Travis Patenaude | Spain

Photography lessons, photoshop Lessons, cretaive photography
Photography lessons, photoshop Lessons, cretaive photography

NZIPP Gold with Distinction
NZIPP Highest Scoring - Open Portrait 2021

Grand Award Winner - Asia Pacific Awards 2021

NZIPP Gold with Distinction

Still Life, Fine Art Creative Photo


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