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Cat Ford-Coates

ASHEVILLE , North Carolina, U.S.A

I am very pleased to be able to put a spot light on Cat Ford-Coates!  I have run into Cat several times over the last couple of years at Sue Bryce & Portrait Masters events in the USA. Recently I had Cat keeping me up to date with how my WPPI awards images were doing in Las Vegas as she was there but I couldn't be.

Cat shows us that even within in a more domestic genre rather than extreme illustrative work, how my talks and courses can push you up a level or a new way of thinking.

Thank you Cat Ford-Coates!

More of Cat Ford-Coates work can be found here

"When I’m feeling overwhelmed or blocked, I always return to Richard’s Portrait Masters talk. His formula for composing in the abstract puts my mindset in a different space that allows me be open to creating more intentionally."

"The Rembrandt and Rembrandt & Petit Bonnet classes bring in the classic inspiration for many of my portraits. And of course, as we do, I experiment with different ways within those lighting setups to make my style unique to the work being produced in my market. Game changers."

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