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Self-portrait in a yellow jacket  Kamila

Kamila J. Gruss


I am very pleased to be able to showcase Kamila J Gruss's work!  I have followed Kamila for a while now on instagram where I'm always in admiration of her work and ability to bring concepts alive. I would not only call Kamila a creative photographer, but also a conceptual and illustrative artist. Her work is often leaving me with thoughts of, "I wish I'd thought of that". I am absolutely delighted to discover that Kamila is actually one of my students as such where she has made some great use from my talks and online courses. Kamila shares some thoughts below.

Thank you Kamila J. Gruss!

More of Kamila's work can be found at her Website or Instagram

Richards tutorial are fantastic! His workshop videos are an amazing glimpse into his processes and approach. He truly takes you through all the steps you need to go through. Richard doesn’t hold back, nor fills in time with empty advice. Everything that he teaches here is meaningful and straight to the point.  Even though I already know a lot about postprocessing,

Madame Butterfly Kamila J Gruss.png
'Madame Butterfly'

This is an amazing class with instruction that is sure to bring any ones work not matter what level, up a few notches. If Richard’s style is what you’re drawn to, this is definitely the class for you, and if it isn’t your style, there is still a lot to learn and take from this true artist’s tutorial. Thoroughly impressed.

Feniks Recydywista Kamila J Gruss.jpg
'Feniks Recydywista'
'Looking Through The Veil'
Vanitas Kamila J Gruss.png
Beauty&TheBeast Kamila J Gruss.jpg
'Beauty and the Beast'

Richard has taught me things that nobody shows anywhere! His way of working on raw is amazing and allows you to get all the details you can. Since he showed it to me, it is the basis of my work on each photo. His art and this workshop have opened me up to a whole new world of photography and I’m thrilled to put these new tools and ideas to good use to see what I come up with.

Marzanna Kamila J Gruss.png
Moth Kamila J Gruss.png
The Lamplighter Kamila J Gruss.png
'The Lamp Lighter'
'Ophelia 2020'
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