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60 Hand Painted Digital Backdrops

I have created a beautiful set of 60 hand painted textures available in an array of colours and tones. Take your Fine Art Portraits to the next level with this fabulous resource.
By NZIPP Grand Master of Photography, WPPI Grand Award Winner and
Three time NZIPP New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year, Richard Wood


  • 60 Hand painted textures by Richard Wood

  • Bring a painterly depth into your plain paper backdrops

  • Dozens of textures and colours to use throughout your portrait portfolio.

  • Active Support Group for questions and sharing

  • Free Instructional Video available below

Was $49.95 | NOW $19.98

All prices in US dollars and inclusive of tax




Free 'Product Video Lesson'

For years I have been adding textures into my photography, whether it be to create a painterly look, build atmosphere or for interesting effect. Here I talk about adding hand painted effects into the backdrops and backgrounds of your portraiture. 
There are so many ways to apply a painted background texture to your portraits. This is a small simple tutorial to get your started. These methods can be extremely helpful to achieve a hand painted background if you are shooting against plain paper, walls... or wish to 'add' to the existing texture you're shooting against.


All prices in US dollars and inclusive of tax

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the resolution of the backdrops?

    Each backdrop image will be more than 4000 x 6000 (24MP). They will all differ slightly depending on their crop of the painting, however they are high resolution, good quality.


  • What is the DPI of the backdrops?

    The backdrops can be what ever dpi you want to set them to be.  Dpi is purely a print command only.  ie a '4000x6000 pixel image at 72 dpi' is the same file size as a '4000x6000 pixel image at 400 dpi'.


  • Can I use these backdrops in my own client work?

    Yes of course! These backdrops can be used in both domestic and commercial work. You however cannot share or resell the backdrop files.


  • Can I use the backdrops in my competition pieces?

    Yes you can. However be sure to check the competition rules before doing so as some competitions state that 100% of the work must be your own including overlays and textures etc.


  • Are these actually Hand Painted?

    Yes! All of these have been crafted and hand painted with paint and then copied to a digital file with a copy camera.

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