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When I try to brush on an effect, I just get white paint drawn on my image

Be sure that you are painting on the 'layer mask' and not the layer.

When I try to brush on an effect, nothing happens.​

- Make sure the opacity of the brush is not on 0% or really low.

- Make sure you are painting white onto a black mask, or black onto a white mask.


I keep getting error messages.

Make sure you are applying the action on top of the layer stack and ALWAYS on a separation layer. (If there is no separation layer on top of all your layers, create one by creating a new empty layer.)

I keep getting an error that says my 'scratch disks' are full.​

- Run the action called 'clear memory' (read warning message given when action applied)
- Upgrade Compuer

- Clean computer to free up RAM / Memory

-Close other programs that are also unnecessarily operating at the same time.

- Your file may now be too big. Flatten and save another version with flattened layers and continue with a 'Part 2' of the image.

The action failed and I have new layers which don't look right or good.

OPTION 1: Delete layers from the top down individually until you are only left with the last layer you worked on and were happy with.

OPTION 2: Delete all files, groups etc from the top down until you are left with the last action group or layer you applied that you were happy with.


Detail Actions are not bringing out detail in certain areas of the skin.

You have over smoothed the skin to the point of there being no detail to enhance.

The effect looks a bit different in the tutorial

The lighting, colours and tones etc of an image will create a different effect for each image. Watch the tutorials to learn how to adjust the action effect to suit. And remember that you can adjust the opacity quickly and easily to adjust the heaviness of the effect on your image.


Not all of my actions are creating 'separation layers'.

Only actions that create 'groups' require separation layers as a safety stop


The 'Light-Rays 1' action is taking a really long time

Yes, this action places a large workload on your computer.

The 'Light-Rays 1' action is giving me a scratch disks are full error.

This action is very demanding on your system.

1:  Try using the 'clear memory' action before applying 'Light-Rays 1'. Also make sure that all other software programs that you don't need are closed and free up as much room on your drive as you can.

2: Try the following

a.) Saving the image and close it.
b.) Open any small image file you might have

c.) Run the 'Light-Rays 1' action

d.) Re-Open your image to be edited (without moving away from Photoshop as this may clear your clipboard which is needed for step two of the Light-Rays)

e.) Close all other files including the 'Light-Rays Temporary File'

f.) Apply the 'Light-Rays 2' action.


I cannot save my image

- If you get a scratch disk error, refer to 'how to solve the scratch disk is full error'

- Save the file as a '.psb' rather than a '.psd'.  This is a format designed for larger files and Photoshop can open them.


How can I convert my file to 16BIT to get the best result.​

- This is normally done best as a last step in your editing if you are wanting to de-band a lower bit image after all your editing. NOTE that your system may not have the capacity to convert all your layers or some effects from 8BIT to 16BIT/32BIT. Therefore save a seperate flattened version of the image and then convert that to 16 or 32 BIT.

For example;

b.) Apply de-band action
c.) Copy and paste this image back onto your layered file as a last step on top of all your other layers.



My Computer is running really slowly/has slowed down.

Your file is becoming larger as you work on it and/or your system is memorising all your steps/history.

1.) Try closing down programs that aren't being used in the background.

2.) Run the 'Clear Memory' Action with caution.  (History and clipboard will be deleted so will not be able to paste anything you've copied before the action is run, nor will you be able to step backward in your history.