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Carrie Rheinberger


Let me introduce Carrie Rheinberger from Australia!

Carrie was a wedding photographer, turned portrait photographer. Carrie started dabbling in creative self portraits. After taking my courses, she was fast forwarded into composites and fine art work. where she has been published in the likes of Vogue Australia and International Kid Model Magazine. Read about Carries journey and her journey with my courses here whilst browsing her dramatic portrait and creative work. More of Carries work can be found here

"I attended James Cook University in Townsville, completing a three year Bachelor Of Photography in 2003 along with a certificate in Underwater Photography from James Cook University in Cairns. I call Six Crows Fine Art Photography my 'accidental business'. After closing my wedding photography business in 2017 to have my first child I was feeling a bit lost. Being a stay at home Mum was not at all what I thought it would be. I started taking self portraits and getting into compositing which was new for me. It was the creative outlet I had been longing for and I found myself wanting more and more to work on. I found my passion. I started a Facebook page to showcase my self portraits and received an amazing response from my local community and beyond. From there Six Crows was born!"


"Richard's courses have helped me so much to fine tune my style with both my fine art and my compositing work. My proudest achievements so far include an article in Vogue Australia, cover of International Kid Model Magazine and this recognition from one of my biggest idols, Richard! In the next few years I hope to take my business on the road from my little town of 3000 people to the rest of Australia."


"Richard teaches you how to master those basic fundamentals that put you on the path to success with perfect lighting. Regardless of your current setup, painterly portraits shows you how to get started right away with everything from natural light, one light setups and beyond."


"In the Creative Portraits Series Richard has inspired me so much to take my composites to the next level. I have previously used a lot of stock in my composites but he has shown me how easy it is to take an idea from concept to completion using my own original work right down to the atmosphere!"

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