Felicia Schütte


Introducing Felicia Schütte!

Felicia is a portrait photographer based on Bonaire, a small Caribbean island. where she enjoys capturing contemporary portraits, beauty and boudoir as well as business portraits. Felicia is however very focused on maternity and motherhood portraits. If you have taken part in the bi-annual Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation you will no doubt recognise Felica's work! 

The first time I experienced Richard was live on The Portrait Maters conference in 2018. I was deeply moved by his genuine being, his incredible sensitivity, his indescribable creativity – he truly is profoundly rooted and deeply connected to all that is - to the source of unlimited potential and creation. His love, passion and depth radiates from each and every of his remarkable masterpieces. He has patience and sincere motivation to share and pass on knowledge through his teachings, - giving all he has and knows.


While I still haven’t practiced all of his content rich courses, his teachings changed my world. I have implemented a great deal of his profound techniques into my workflow-routine and I use them on my regular client portraits as well as in my personal free work. I experience a new level of freedom, creativity and ability to translate a vague concept into an actual image by using Richards teachings. Besides all this, thanks to Richards classes, the -to me- unimaginable development is happening. - To dare to participate in competitions and to slowly mastering the craft of photography. Thank you, Richard, my world has become one of joy. “Learning from Richard is an honor and delight, having the privilege to get access to his classes is invaluable, - truly a world of wonders opens!”

Thank you Felicia Schütte!

More of Felicia's work can be found here

"I use Richard's RAW layer adjustments for a more painterly look/ his tips for compositing, the lighting setups - mostly the 1 or 2 light Rembrandt, Eye enhancement, highlight control, shadow control, dodge and burn, sharpening (which I love!), detail enhancement, adding texture and color tone grading."


"I love the sensitivity, love and patience Richard shows in his work and teachings, paired with creativity beyond imagination and his calming voice, which might sound funny, but to me being very sensitive to sounds, a calm pleasant voice is vital when learning."

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