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16-17 SEPTEMBER 2022

What to expect

I am over the moon to be returning to the US after the pandemic has kept me home in New Zealand for what feels like forever. This workshop will be a very special one where I am going to create a new character to the series I have been working on for the past couple of years shown below. There will be no secrets kept in these lessons. I cannot wait to share with you my costume making techniques, and then have you alongside me shooting our incredible character that we will have created. From here we will together be editing our photographs to a final product where I will run you through with you step by step techniques to enhance even further that which is going to be an incredible creation. Then here's the bonus. At the end I'm going to introduce you to animating your photography. I know it sounds daunting but we will only cover introduction basics, which is more than enough to start animating your work in an incredible way for online presentation as I have.

12.00pm start.


On arrival, our model will be undergoing make up and hair. Richard will take you through the various brainstorming processes that were performed to create the initial image idea, which will tie into theme with Richard's ongoing series pictured below.

Richard will then take you through the costuming making process and give you methods for how he is constructing the outfit will will be used in the workshop photo session. This will be in a question and answer demo session whilst Richard creates the final touches. It will give you. brilliant blueprint to take home and create similar pieces for your own photoshoots. The methods discussed are the simple foundations Richard uses for many of his character shoots.

Various lighting set ups will then be discussed and our model will be brought into those lit environments where you will have the opportunity to shoot and experiment within those setups.

There may be a number of seperate elements to photograph that can also be included into a composite image later if desired.

You will all then go through an image selection process with Richard, picking out which image you would like to take to a final product. The image will be selected and prepared for the following days lessons

Day 2

9.30am start.​

You will all be seated with your laptops and the image editing process will start. Richard will take you through a step by step process, editing the same or similar images as you depending on whether you'd like to edit your own image or with what Richard is using. You can follow along and duplicate the process or adapt it to make it your own. The image will be taken to a final product and will involve a wide variety of editing techniques and skills which will be taught.

An introduction to animation will conclude the day. You will get the chance to put into practice some animation techniques which you can apply to your final image. The method of animation opens a whole new world where you can create both moving image for social media, exhibition and augment reality. This is the future and it's easier than you'd expect.

dotd banner.jpg

What you will need

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera with hotshot mount

  • Portable computer | Laptop

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Trial Version of Adobe After Effects

  • A method to take your photographs from camera to your computer

Note, do not download your trial version of After Effects until the day before the workshop as it will only be useable for 7 days unless you wish to subscribe to the software.

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Book me in!

The total cost of the 2 day workshop is $1,200US.  A non refundable $600US deposit is required to secure your place. The remaining is due 7 days before the event.

Booking Deposit $600US

2nd Payment $600US

I need some more info...

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