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It's often not just me behind the images I create. More often than not I have my team working behind the smokescreen too. Meet Abby and Candice. These guys have been my go to for hair, makeup, and all round help with styling. From dress making, head arrangements, body paint, special effects, holding modifiers and flashes etc etc they're there. Not only are they there for the prep, but also the planning and the shoot itself. I'm so thankful to have found a team that is just as enthusiastic about creating as I am. They both have this incredible ability to both understand see my vision and then help make that happen.

A huge thanks guys.

Abby's work can be found on instagram at @abbyschofieldhair

Candice's work can be found on instagram at @candicedearmakeup

Thanks also to Grant Mayer for filming this footage of this planning session. (

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Wish you could get your team to help you finish your ACTIONS!😀

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