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Rachel Langois


Introducing Rachel Langois!

Rachel has recently discovered a real love for storytelling. Rachel is now not only a portrait photographer, but also a creative narrator. Rachel proves that with my courses and some practice, great things can be created.

"I live in Colorado and I split my time between teaching high school and running a photography business. I started out admittedly not knowing how much I didn't know, and as I got more serious about photography I decided to take some classes. The Creative Portrait and the Painterly Portrait series were two of the first classes I paid for about a year ago. I realized after taking these classes that I love storytelling and that I love studio work most of all."


I think the biggest impact these courses had on my (still growing) style is how much I love the little details. In most of my work, whether creative or standard portrait, I like to find little details to add or emphasize. Sometimes it is a little wisp of smoke, sometimes it is the texture in a fabric or a backdrop, and sometimes it is something as small and simple as the sheen on a curl of hair."


I am still nailing down my style, but both of these classes showed me how much I love a little bit of whimsy mixed in with old painterly vibes, and the more I practice and grow, the more I feel I move from a humble portrait photographer into a creative storyteller!"

More of Rachel Langois's work can be found here

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