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Rachel Owen


"When I first saw Richard's class I was awestruck. I had recently been through a very painful loss and there were days I couldn't get off the couch. I used Richard's inspiration techniques and for the first time in weeks I began to have motivation to do something. I clung to that inspiration and used it to pull myself out of the emotional hole I was in. After Richard's class I created a composite that I had always believed was far beyond my skill level. I still can't even believe I made it and it fills me with joy every time I look at it. Richard's inspiration and guidance has helped take my work to a different level."


"Richard's classes are by far the most inspirational I own.  The behind the scenes look at his work alone makes the class worth it not to mention the in-depth education you will receive. Richard's technique is unlike anything I've seen from other instructors and an invaluable tool to have in my 'creating toolbox'.  This class is easy to follow, thorough, and engaging. His process of finding inspiration for your next photo is the most valuable guidance I've received all year.  I highly recommend it! "


"There is something deep inside me that begs to be let out. This spark weaves a central thread of hope, rebirth, love, perseverance, and transformation through my very existence, and this is the mark I want to leave on the world. My work most often ponders moments that threaten to sever these foundational seams in my life. I approach my art akin to that of a classical painter with every detail per-visualized and sketched. I am drawn to photography for the unabashed truth in the capture, but as in life the truth is rarely what it seems and the start is often unrecognizable from my end result. I revel in the power to add beauty or disfigure, to create a world of bliss or trauma. Invariably the person in front of my lens becomes a mirror of my own aura. I have to break down all my walls to get behind the walls of the person in front of my lens. There is an incredible vulnerability and trust required to capture the likeness of the soul. This is where I find the most joy; this is the part of my work I take the most pride in."


From here I insert my subject into the digital world I have created. Often every element in my final image is photographed separately. Never using stock images, I take joy in photographing every element myself. When traveling I bring my camera to every rare and exotic location always scouting for a unique article of furniture, piece of wall, or unusual creature that may find their way into a composite someday.



More of Rachel Owen's work can be found here


I was born to create; that is one of the clearest things in my life, but at the end of my journey I want to be known more for what I have inspired than what I created. My passion is so intense it hurts more to keep in than let out, so I create and keep creating as long as life flows through my veins.

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