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Sarah Simmons


I'd like you all to meet Sarah Simmons of  'Charlie Horse Photography'.

Sarah has been a familiar face over the years as we are both members of the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers). Sarah's work will no doubt be familiar to many of you as she's not only an awarded New Zealand photographer, but also internationally where you will see her winning work at the likes of The Portrait Masters Awards in the USA.

Enjoy browsing through Sarah's beautiful work. More can be found here.

"I have been following Richard's work for years and he has been a huge inspiration to me long before his incredible courses were available."


"My work is not overly illustrative and I initially bought Richard's Creative Portrait Series more out of interest to see how he creates his stunning work! I was surprised by just how amazing the tutorials were and how much I got out of them, I learnt so many tips and tricks that I could apply to my everyday work."


"And then along the 'Painterly Portraits' course and it was a total game changer for me. This course was everything I had been searching for! I think I may possibly have purchased every painterly portraits tutorial in the world and there is nothing like Richard's. "

"I saw an instant difference in my work and use the same workflow and editing I learnt in that course in all of my work now, and not to mention the beautiful Rembrandt lighting setups that I use in the studio everyday!"


"Richard's courses are worth every penny and more! Thank you so much Richard for generously sharing all of your secrets for creating such beautiful work."

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