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Travis Patenaude


I'd like to introduce you to Travis Patenaude!  His story is so deep and tells about his connection to retired hunting dogs. He is able to photograph these creatures so beautifully and pulls in their emotional narrative with just a simple story. This man understands and can use connection! You will love these beautiful images that Travis is using to make a change in these dogs fate.

"I spent months working with her to help her learn to trust people again, and because of this, I forgot about my depression. She literally saved my life. She passed away in April of 2015. When I said good-bye to Leena, I promised I would be a voice for her and all the Hunting Dogs of Spain. I purchased my first DLSR in August of 2014, with a goal to tell the story of these dogs through photography and show how I see them through my eyes. Leena gave me this new voice through photography and my goal is to share her story with everyone I can by creating portraits that foster an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer."


"I came across Richard Woods Painterly Portraits Class and was very impressed by his teaching style and the detail he goes into to explain what he is teaching.  Richards course was the only one I have seen that showed Bonnet lighting, and this has become my main lighting style for portraits.

His post processing steps gave me several new ideas to transpose what he was teaching for editing humans to editing animals.  Richards class Sharpening for Effect, enabled me to build a process to bring out detail in the dogs fur while keeping the effect looking clean, soft, and very detailed.  This allowed me to use sharpness as second way to guide the viewers eyes to where I want them to focus. 


Richards courses has really helped me take my portraits to a whole new level and has helped me get a nomination for PPA Grand Imaging Award for Pets Category also two Gold medals and two silver medals from Master Photography International this year."


"Thank you so much for helping me become a better artist and creating engaging images."



More of Travis Patenaude's work can be found here

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